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Raleigh, NC

Woodbridge, VA

Happy Valley, OR
I am a master trainer at 24 our fitness who has a success story to follow the passion of my desire to help people achieve milestones thought impossible! I specialize in Mixed Martial Arts conditioning as well as performance enhancement and athletic pursuits.

Raleigh, NC
Former professional athlete for Arizona Cardinals of the NFL and BC Lions of the CFL. Personally enjoys working with clients from many different backgrounds and services their fitness goals and desires.

W Springfield, VA
I've been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. I believe a commitment to health and fitness is the key to a happy personal life and a successful professional life. I design fun but challenging programs that include different aspects of fitness: strength/power, core/balance/stability, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory training. I focus on core stability and proper form and technique to lower the risk of injury, correct misalignments and muscular imbalances, and to keep the body moving as efficiently as possible. All this translates to a better body, more confidence and energy throughout the day, and less pain, ...

Cary, NC
If you are a fighter trying to improve your stand up game or if you are someone who is ready for a new intense type of workout, you have come to the right place. At Espo Boxing, depending on your personal preference, you will have the option of learning and getting into the best shape of your life through boxing, kickboxing, or both. A high intensity mitt workout will take place where technique and form will be highly noted. Why not endure a great workout while learning a skill set that can benefit you both physically and mentally? At Espo ...

Medford, OR
I am a Certified Personal Trainer with The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I am also a Certified Instructor for Group Power and Group Kick through Body Training Systems. I have taught a variety of classes including Step Aerobics, Kickboxing, Weight Training, Water Aerobics, Boot Camp, and Team Weight Loss Challenges.
As a Personal Trainer I am here to help you set realistic goals and exercise your body to its potential with nutritional guidance, inspiration, motivation, and accountability to a stronger and ...

Raleigh, NC
I got involved with fitness when I was in college. I took my first weight lifting class and the instructor was amazing. From then on I was hooked, and haven't looked back since. I love making authentic connections with people and helping them out, so decided to become a personal trainer. It has been one of the the most rewarding feelings I've ever had, and continue to look forward to helping people change their lives through fitness everyday.

Woodbridge, VA
Active Duty Marine and Coach/Trainer at Crossfit Woodbridge. Individual Regional Qualifier and member of Crossfit Woodbridge Regional Team

Dumfries, VA
CrossFit Woodbridge Kinetic Bootcamp Head Coach
CrossFit Woodbridge Coach
Student at George Mason University (Class of 2014)

Lauren found CrossFit through a recommendation from her sister, Amy. She joined CFW in 2011 and immediately fell in love. The passion she has developed for the sport is greater than she could have ever imagined. She played soccer all through her childhood and into college, but the seemingly insurmountable passion she had for soccer was no match for the sport of fitness.
Lauren worked as a Pool Operator for 6 years before being hired as a coach at CFW. She then helped CFW introduce Kinetic Bootcamp ...

Woodbridge , VA
Over the past twenty years, Dan has been a resident of Woodbridge and active in the sports community. After commissioning in the Army as well as two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dan is getting back to his previous passion in life. Fitness and sports has always been a huge part of his life and now CrossFit has afforded him the opportunity to help others in their athletic endeavors. CrossFit is for everyone and he is brought it to Woodbridge!! He is currently trained, qualified and moreover, excited to teach you the skills and movements to ...

I enjoy helping people achieve what they think is impossible. That is why I love what I do for a living so much. It's never to late to turn things around!

Raleigh, NC
To educate and motivate people about good health, fitness, nutrition.
Help people live healthier lives.

Alexandria, VA
I have worked with several different types of people ranging from athletes to elderly. I can help anyone achieve any type of goal they want whether it's to lose weight and reduce body fat to body building and powerlifting.

Bend, OR
I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. I have my degree in Exercise Science and am also a certified cycle coach as well as a triathlon coach. I am also a fitness instructor at Central Oregon Community College in the Health and Human Performance department. I have competed in running and triathlon races for over ten years and enjoy all the outdoor activities living in Central Oregon offers.
I believe that working out and training should be fun (yes, it is possible to have fun while working out!) and should be tailored around ...