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Eugene, OR
My journey with fitness began in the Army. As an enlisted female soldier I had something to prove. In basic training I always pushed myself and never gave up. I was selected to be the one to represent the females of my platoon in competitions against the others. While learning Spanish at the Defense Language Institute I carried on in usual fashion. During a typical afternoon of 1st Sergeant physical training, I was carrying a 5 gallon jug full of water and pulling a fellow solder up a hill because we soldiers “never leave a fallen comrade.” After what ...

Woodbridge, VA
I am now considered a "biggest loser," losing over 110 lbs. without surgery or magic diets. Through proper education and workout plans, I successfully lost the weight and have maintained my current weight for over 6 months. This journey inspired me to help others struggling to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle and my first step was to become an ACE Personal Trainer.

I have been in health, fitness, and other medical fields a majority of my life - teaching others how to become stronger and healthier, working in rehabilitation settings, and overseeing fire fighter and EMT training courses.

My ...

Wake Forest, NC
As a Specialist in Corrective Exercise, Metabolic Training & Weight Loss it is my passion to help change lives through fitness. Personal,semi personal, and small group training available.

Raleigh, NC
I have been training future college athletes for years. I love instilling work ethic and dedication into athletes and driving them to become greater.

Manassas, VA
Personal Trainer for 3+ Years. From Functional Fitness to Boxing and Kick Boxing. When I'm not working or training I Volunteer as a Firefighter in my home town.

eugene, OR
22 years of age, work full time at international fitness. train 6 days a week bodybuilding. im 5'9 200 pounds, 10% body fat.

Las Vegas, NV
I got back into fitness after I had my second child. This time around I decided to make a complete lifestyle change and finally saw some great results. After loosing about 20 lbs I had a lot of people asking me how I was gettin my results and I really liked the feeling of helping others, that's when I decided to get my certificate for personal training. Since receiving that from ACSM I have held outdoor Bootcamp classes and worked with many clients one on one to transform their body and their life. Now I'm trying to take my own ...

Englewood, CO
As a Strength and Conditioning Coach Eric specializes in power and strength development. In addition to his athletic clientele Eric coaches busy professionals and determined clients during the day and slays impractical lifestyles and body fat at night. As a published author and researcher Eric runs an Bach Performance, a fitness site and online training site to help clients from all over the world build athletic bodies and awesome lives.

Helena, MT
My own personal story: At age 44, I changed to a healthy lifestyle and lost almost 40 pounds. I went on to compete in figure and physique contests winning many trophies. My passion is fitness and helping others achieve their dreams.

San Antonio, TX
My name is Jonathan De Luna and I am a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach and certified rehabilitation counselor. I have recently began my personal training in the north San Antonio area and am really looking forward to all the individuals I can help!

Silicon Valley, CA
Owner of Power Dolls Fitness in Cupertino, CA. Weight Training for Women. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for fitness and weight training with you. I am a certified Personal Trainer and have personally experienced the bitter weight gain/weight loss battle, the disappointing results from DIY diets and workouts, desperately wanting a personal trainer but not always finding it in the budget…. After being told I was too underweight to participate in the high school blood drive, I originally turned to weight training to put on weight. Now as an adult, ...

Fort Collins, CO
Originally from Nebraska, moved to Colorado and pursued my new career as a Personal Trainer. I have been training for over 4 years. I personally have been through the trials of weight loss and now am training for bikini bodybuilding competitions!

Springfield, VA

Portland, OR
I want to empower women about strength and power performance, sustainable fat loss, mobility and movement corrections, and motivation for continued success! I am passionate about helping people transform their lives and become the best possible version of themselves. I stand for strength and the science behind it!

Raleigh, NC
I am originally from Hungary, where I was a nationally trained gymnast and bodybuilder. I am passionate about training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. I work out with each client and tailor the training to each one.