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, WA
Mark is an NPC nationally ranked bodybuilder and cardiology nurse. Mark’s 20 years of weight training and dietary know-how ensure his clients see genuine results. Whether that client is an advanced bodybuilder seeking polish for competition or a busy, working professional looking to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, Mark’s enthusiasm, experience and formal medical training brings his clients and their goals safely and surely together.

Oakland, CA
Trained w/Dr. Norman Marks, The science of Body-Building. Have been doing personal Training for 33 years, Ran my own Fitness/Nutrition Businesses for seven years, practiced Nutrition for 35 years

Denver, CO
My goal is to show you how much fun it can be to get fit and stay fit! I pay particular attention to teaching correct form, movement and posture. Doing exercise the right way leads to making exercise part of a lifestyle.

I will help you clients combine physical fitness with lifestyle change to achieve fitness and health goals.

After all, you only have one body and it needs to last a lifetime!

I am a neta CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER,training in Greeley for the last 9 years,ive competed in natural bodybuilding and am a nationally quallified figure competitor,placing 2nd at masters nationals'10...knowlegable in traing all levels and even backstage handelling if needed!

Charleston, SC
Fitness/Aquatics Manager for the Daniel Island Club & owner of Bo Knows Fitness. Certified Personal Trainer specializing in weight loss & sports performance.

Bo has been involved with sports and fitness training for over 20 years. He was an all-state high school soccer player and swimmer in Virginia, and went on to swim for Radford University where he swam the breaststroke, long distance events, and set a school record in the 1650 yard freestyle. He has also dealt with the challenge of being overweight and knows the work and effort it takes to shed those unwanted pounds.

Woodinville, WA
Full Time single mom with a passion for changing lifestyles for the better. Julie offers everything from personal one-on-one training to grocery list support to bootcamps!

Seattle, WA
Rachel Elizabeth's Mission:
I)Inspire and educate individuals on a global scale to pursue and understand the healthy advantages of fitness and nutritional eating for physical benefit.

II)Establish a positive, effective, and identifiable brand.

III) Use my experience to help counteract the negative pull Western culture and media have on self-esteem and personal identity; and helping those young women and men who already struggle with nutritional or body-image diseases and disorders.

bellevue, WA
Change your BODY, change your LIFE.
-personal training
-lifestyle changes
-sports conditioning
-post rehab specialists
-nutritional coaching
-successfully leading clients to attain their goals for over 25+ years.

bellevue, WA
Matt is a trainer at David Barton Gym. Matt is available for personal training and also teaches: Six-Pack Attack, Barton-Zone and Power Conditioning.

Bellevue, WA
I love to train and hardwork. I believe hardwork and a good trainer is the secret to getting past that plateau.

, VA
I've been an active certified trainer for over 4 years. Although, I've helped many people meet their goals, I prefer and specialize in weight loss and functional training.

Weight loss is much more complicated then all the marketing and information make it look. You need to understand exercise, nutrition, hormones, and digestion, which I do. Not only is it challenging, but it is extremely rewarding for both myself and my clients.

Functional training is essential. Working with me, we will increase range of motion, prevent injuries, strengthen the core and trunk, correct muscle imbalances and compensation, stimulate and strengthen dormant ...

Lake Ridge, VA
Weight Loss, Functional Training, and Basic Health and Fitness
Strength Training, Core & Cardiovascular Conditioning
Pre/post Surgical Training and Rehabilitation
Special Populations- All ages including Seniors
Orthopedic & Cardiology Follow-Up
Nutrition and Weight Managment

Charlotte, NC
Advanced Training Concepts is a fully equipped training facility and the premier Kettlebell training facility in Charlotte. The foundation of Advanced Training Concepts training programs is building functional strength, speed, power, flexibility, coordination, and endurance through Kettlebell training, body weight exercises and other modalities.

Through high intensity training programs and professional coaching we are consistently able to produce results.

Advanced Training Concepts is in the business of training only those who have the motivation and desire to work hard for their results.

Cyrus Peterson is a Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach by The World Kettlebell Club (WKC, the international governing body ...

Missoula, MT
Training and competing for 31 years / Professional drug free bodybuilder / World record drug free Bench presser

Elk Grove, CA
Health and Fitness are not a Fad Diet, they are a way of life…they are not a destination, they are a journey…
I am a determined woman who entered the fitness industry to change health consciousness in this world one person at a time. I became a personal trainer 4 years ago to have an affect on others regarding what I consider my greatest passion. I train within a strict philosophy that I carry with me everyday…eating right is not a menu plan, but involves changing eating habits, working out is not easy if you want results, and because ...