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Fayetteville, NC
Born and Raised in Fayetteville, NC with almost years experience as a personal trainer and fitness consultant. Competitive body builder in the NPC and national level athlete. Specializing in progressive strength training,atheletic performance enhancement,sports nutrition,supplement and nutritional protocols for hormonal manipulation to target specific fat storing areas. I am not a self-proclaimed "contest-prep coach".....yet...but I have gained enough experience to intelligently help someone male or female, achieve the condition they want and be the best they can with their 100% effort. I have in fact trained many competitors. Its my position to help people become leaner,stronger,and healthier.

tigard, OR
Passionate about health and fitness, Cara Esau obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and began her wellness career as an RN. A NASM certified personal trainer and RRCA certified running coach, Cara equips individuals and groups to reach their fitness potential. Cara specializes in helping individuals with weight loss goals or physical limitations to overcome their challenges and attain their goals. She loves to motivate others to excel: to gain strength and endurance; to lose weight and look great; to exceed their own athletic dreams. A mom of four, Cara enjoys weight-lifting, running, and ...

Eagle, ID

Colorado Springs, CO

Daisys desire for the gym and living a healthy lifestyle started back when she was in high school. Being active growing up she played any sport that was offered to her in the country side of upstate New York, but excelled in soccer during her high school and college years.
Daisy started her personal training career back in 2006 in Boston Ma ,where she also obtained her degree in Liberal Studies and Fitness management. She now holds a variety of personal training certificates from ACE and AFPA, Kickboxing Instructor from ISCA, Foundations of Health and Fitness Professional from NASM, and Nutrition ...

Tampa , FL
-Over 10 years experience in the Fitness and Performance Industry
-4x NCAA All American
-9x Big 10 Champion
-2x Olympic Trials Finalist
-Big 10 Athlete of the Year 2000
-University of Illinois Record Holder 400m Hurdles
-2nd All Time 400m Hurdler in Big 10 History
-Former Professional Nike Athlete
-Have trained over 50 Professional Athletes
-Stack Magazine Expert Trainer


-Strength and Conditioning
-Weight Loss and Weight Management
-Sport Specific Performance Enhancement
- Sports Injury Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation
-Self Myofascial Release
-Corrective Exercise

Boise, ID
My journey with fitness training started with my own struggle with weight gain & loss. After having a baby and dealing with depression, I gained
significant weight and was up to almost 230 lbs. On my 26th birthday, I woke up and wanted a change, not only for myself but my child. I started
cycling, eating healthy and becoming more active. I loved the Group Exercise atmosphere and became excited about physical fitness and nutrition. I then started teaching cycling and then became certified for many other types of Group Fitness classes. When I began to plateau in my own weight loss ...

Albuquerque , NM
Max Muscle nutritionist - Professional fitness and bio-mechanic trainer of 15 years - Trained many people of all walks of life including Fitness, Figure, Bikini model's and Bodybuilders for shows to rehabilitation and also nutrition/ Sports nutrition.

longmont, CO
after loseing more then 80 pounds in one year, i decided to get certified through the international sports science association and help others get into a healthy living lifestyle.

Fort Collins, CO
I have been teaching in the fitness arena for over 20 years. My husband and I have raised 5 awesome children, and now my focus is on helping the individual renew his or her life for health and function. I can train for results both on land and in the pool.

Keizer, OR
I have always had a passion for health and sports. Growing up I competed in everything from gymnastics to cross country.
In the last year I have started training and competing in Figure shows. I placed first in my class at my first show, Night of Champions.
I have always enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals!

Dallas, TX
Currently, I have been involved in heath and fitness for 9 years now. Began working out with my brother at 16, and literally haven't stopped since I got into it. When I actually applied what I was learning from my certifications to my workouts, my once hobby became a passion. In February of 2009, landed a training job with 24 Hour Fitness in Rockwall, TX after applying 3 different times. I royally loved working at 24 Hour Fitness just for the fact that I was finally in a position where I could pass on my expertise to other people. The ...

Certified for 10 years
Sports conditioning
Rehab from injury-back-knee-shoulder-etc.
Functional Training

Pembroke Pines, FL

Tampa, FL
Russian Kettlebell Instructor offering Boot Camps, Small Group, and Personal Training.

Also offering a host of Saturday Morning Kettlebell Workshops.

Victoria Adelus is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA Certified Boot Camp Trainer, and is the Co-Owner of Adventure Boot Camp in Bend, OR. Victoria is also an NPC Figure Competitor, winning 1st in her height class at the Oregon Ironman.

As early as Victoria can remember, she has always had a love for sports, fitness and maintaining a healthy way of life. Over the years, it's become her mission in life to motivate, and share her passion for fitness with other people. Since 2008 Victoria and her business partner, Josh Field, have owned a boot ...