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Pittsburg, CA
Hello, my name is Juilian Watts and I have been a trainer for eight years. The most important thing I noticed is you, the Client! I am a slave to the fitness industry and will do my best to se that you reach your goals. If you are motivated and willing to work for yourself I'm your guy.

Lafayette, CO
Lead trainer at Anytime Fitness Lafayette, CO. Attended the National Personal Trainer Institute Denver.

Fayetteville, NC
I'm currently a exercise and sorts science major at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
I'm an Amercian College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and proud student member.
I'm a professional trainer at Golds Gym
I play basketball, soccer, football, and I ran cross country.
For fun I swim laps on occasions.

Clackamas, OR
I have a degree from Portland State in Exercise Science and a minor in Health Science. For the past 5 years I have coached girls High School rugby and youth soccer. I enjoy funtional training style. Boot camps, TRX, Bosu balls, Monster Bands and so much more are my tools of the trade. My training style allows me to work with people of all skill levels. I like to have open relationship with my clients that is has a contiunes flow of information. I am continously reading about new research to improve my training techniques.

Loveland, CO
I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.Scott and I have the only full PRIVATE personal training studio in N. Colorado. I was a professional tennis player in the 80's, and skied for the University of New Hampshire. I have trained people from wieght loss to peak athletic preformance and can do the same for you. My training programs are state of the art and garenteed to work or I will refund your money. If you want to change your body for good I can get you there.

Stockton, CA
Fitness and athletics has always been apart of my life. As my days of sports came to an end, personal training became a passion. Six years ago, I began teaching as an undergraduate at Ashland University in all types of classes such as indoor cycling, boot camp, body sculpt, abs, water aerobics, step aerobics, kickboxing, mat Pilates and circuit training classes. From there, I became involved in Wellness Clubs to promote healthy living and implement wellness activities on campus. I was offered a Group Fitness internship at The Ohio State University where I went through an extensive in-house ...

westminster, CO
I've been a certified personal trainer for over 13 years. My certifications are: ISSA, NASM, APEX Nutrition, Moves International Fitness. I'm a former college athlete at the Div. 2 level NCAA. Graduated with a BA in Kiniesiolgy (biomechnics of the body). After college I played 11 seasons of football in the minor league system. I have trained many clients ranging in the age from 12 to 77 years young, males and females, and athletes alike. My personal training philosophy has 5 components; 1) proper food intake, 2) supplementation, 3) cardiovascular, 4) resistance training, ...

Portland, OR
I have been a certified personal trainer for over ten years. I have worked with everyone from housewives to athletes. I have been kettlebell training for about four years, and teaching kettlebells for about three years. It's my belief that all Americans can and should be strong!

, KY

Wendell, NC
Compoeted in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.
Multiple state
Bench Press Records.
Top 15 Bench press for 165 lb cl;ass by powerlifting USA in 1965
National Bench Press Record raw at 158 lbs in 165 lb class in USAPL 40-44 age.
!st Place USAPL Bench Press Nationals 45-49 3rd overall.
NPC Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder.
Regsitered Dietian since 1997 worked with Diabetics, Kidney Disease, Weight Control, Fitness, and Contest Diets.

Anaheim, CA
A fitness professional with over 15 yrs in the field. Owner of EliteBodies and EliteBodies Boot Camp. I love living and training in So.Cal. The weather is nice 90% of the time which makes it perfect for outdoor bootcamps and group hiking trips.

Englewood, CO
Adam graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1998 with a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. He was a member of the football and basketball teams at Hastings College and later helped coach the 1996-1999 football teams. In February 2008, he was inducted into the Hastings College Athletic Hall of Fame for helping coach the 1998 and 1999 Hastings Broncos to undefeated regular seasons.
He moved to Denver in 2000 where he became a personal trainer and sports performance coach in the greater Denver area. He has received numerous certifications in sports performance, personal training and biomechanics ...

Lexington, KY
Whether it's rehabbing an injury or losing 20 pounds I will make sure you get to your goals!

Lexington, KY

Murphy, TX
At age 38 I weighed 385lbs! I decided after 10 years of being out of shape to do something about it. I lost 140lbs in 15 months & became a Personal Trainer! I got into this to help people no matter what their goals.