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Sacramento, CA
Hello my name is Bryan Bennett. I have been working out for over 20 years. I hold certifications in fitness and massage therapy. I am a black belt in martial arts and teach fundamental kickboxing. I love motivating my clients and enjoy seeing them reach their potential!

Cotati, CA
Member of a gym since age 14. Helping friends and family work out ever since.
San Rafael High School captain of wrestling team.
Formal private personal training sessions since 2010.
New to 21st Century Fitness.
Certified ACE personal trainer (American Council on Exercise ) since 2010.
Currently studying kinesiology at Santa Rosa Junior College.
Working towards transfer to Sonoma State University and a fitness related degree.
Reading, writing, photography, and all kinds of exercise are how I spend my time outside of work.
Special interest towards exercise philosophy, cutting edge training techniques, injury prevention, sustainable training support, foundation training, and overall body transformation.

"Every morning in ...

Lakewood, CO
I am a personal trainer with nearly a decade of experience to help get you in the best shape possible in minimal time.
I specialize in working with clients who want to lose weight and do it without spending hours on end doing boring cardio.

Thousand Oaks, CA
Crew Team, Tennis Team-Purdue Univ. Tennis Club Champion, The Wexford Club-PA, Masters Crossfit Competitor. Ranked 21st in World-2011 Games.

fresno, CA
im a 26 year old personal trainer along with being a trainer for others i also train myself so that i can maintain a life of fitness. Throughout my life i have been involved in various teams sports, particularly football im currently playing for a semi-pro team in fresno. After the season i plan on competing in a natural bodybuilding compation. I became a trainer to help others achive there fitness goals so that they may live a fit and healthly life style. i specialize in strength training, conditioning, cardio kickboxing,plyometrics, and agility training.

Moab, UT
I am a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and a personal trainer. I worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the last three years.

, TX
I fought my genetics for YEARS. I grew up overweight, struggled with obesity since puberty hit. I wanted So badly to be small.. Like those Bikini girls and athletic girls... I starved and hated myself for being unable to get "smaller" which I attributed to being attractive.. Over the years I have embraced my genetics and the fact that if God my creator wanted me to look any other way, he would've made me that way.

I have battled "metabolic damage", which is a term that is used to describe hormonal dysfunction brought on by stress to the adrenals, thyroid and ...

Prineville, OR
I have been a personal trainer since 2005. I specialize in one on one personal training, Crossfit style small group workouts, and Fitness and Figure competition prep. I am an IFBB Fitness Pro, as well as a national level Crossfit competitor. I train exclusively out of my own private gym.

Specializes: TechnoGym Kinesis Wall, Sport specific training, speed and agility training, core strength training balance coordination, and weigh reduction. As a former college and professional athlete, Brandon understands the dedication and motivation it takes to achieve your greatest fitness potential.

San Diego, CA
After 27 years I am still passionate about teaching mena dn women to reach their personal health & fitness goals. I am a retired I.F.B.B. Professional Bodybuilder and owner of Freedom of Fitness, San Diego. I am also a certified Sports Nutritionist who offers complete and personalized dietary programs. Educational materials include: "Lean for Life" cookbook, DVD: "Feel the Freedom of Fitness" and more.

farmington, CT

Littleton, CO
Hello everybody. My name is Duy and I have been battling my weight for 8-9 years as most of you have been. I have tried almost every diet and solution there is and haven't found the answer until recently. I have become AAAI and ISMA certified and have always held an interest in nutrition and supplementation before I had the physique that I have now. One of the reasons I have become certified is so that I can help to change lives for the better. Whether you need to lose a certain amount of weight, to become healthier, or to ...

las vegas, NV

Grand Junction, CO
My name is Nick Fisher. I am an ex-college athlete and love becoming a personal trainer. I have always been involved with physical activity ever since I can remember. I am fairly new to being a personal trainer but have been studying underneath Josh McGuire, director of fitness at Gold's Gym, for almost the years. I am excited to finish my schooling in kinesiology and beginning my masters in two years. I enjoy pushing peoples comfort zone and allowing them to reach levels they are unable to achieve themselves.

Sunnyvale, CA
I practice what I preach and I do what I teach!
Fitness enthusiast, lover of life, optimistic and knowledge seeker (to name a few things about me).