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East Moline, IL

milpitas, CA
I didnt have the best eating habits growing up, by the age 18 I was 230 LBS with 26% body fat. I am not 22 weigh 185 LBS with about 9% body fat. I now want to help those who was always to shy to wear a bathing suit because of the way they look. My goal is to reach your goal and show you the path to weight loss and body transformation.

San Francisco, CA
As a certified Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, Sport Massager, and Fitness Group Instructor. I've been working in introducing fitness into the regular and extreme sports athletes, including people who want to have a better quality of life through the exercise.

In addition to Puerto Rico, my professional career has taken me to other places including California, Miami, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Hawaii.

The exercise program is designed to achieve the goals of each person on a one to one basis. The equipment we use in training includes resistance bands, Bosu ball, Blender Ball, Gliding, TRX Systems, Swiss Ball, Balance Training ...

Lexington , KY

Modesto, CA

Fullerton, CA
Specializing in :
*weight loss
*reactive and balance training
*stretching techniques
*core strength

La Pine, OR
I have 24 years experience in Personal Training and group fitness. I was a certified Step Aerobic Instructor and currently am licensed in Zumba. I have helped open several fitness centers and owned and operated 2 of my own centers. I have been an avid workout freak for 30 years. So dedicated that I worked out in my own home gym for 16 years with total dedication.

bend, OR
3rd degree black belt with the Tae Park Organization. Training 31 years. Taught Tae Kwon Do classes for Golds Gym

Grand Junction, CO
I am a passionate young trainer who wants to help others reach their health and fitness goals! I have received a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science and worked as a trainer at Minnesota State University for three years. My clients leave with a better understanding of how their body works and how to better reach their fitness goals. I have experience with college students, adults, cardiac patients, and older adults. I am currently not affiliated with any gym, which means I am available to go wherever you'd like.

Longmont, CO
After working as an Auditor and teaching general fitness classess for many years, Amy decided to switch gears and dive full on into the education, training and practice of "all things strength and endurance".

In the past 9 years Amy has attended over 20 national fitness conferences and intensive trainings on Aerobic Base Building for cardiovascular endurance and Kettle Bell and strength training techniques for muscular endurance. Along with this she has found what she calls "the magic formula" for weight control and she leads a very successful weight loss program at the LAC.

Amy leads Weight Loss and Endurance ...

Grand Junction, CO
I'm very passionate about being a fitness trainer. I have been on both sides of the scale, and I speak from experience. I have had a great journey of losing 85 pounds and know the dedication it takes to live a healthy life. I want to make sure every person young and old can be taught to live a healthy life and reach their own fitness goal. Being an over weight child and into my adult years and the obesity rate in American's increasing yearly, I have a passion to teach the benefits of living a healthy life style. ...

Scottsdale, AZ
I have been a trainer for 5 years, I Have done extensive research in weight management and endurance training

Columbia, MD
Malachi got his official start in fitness at the age of 18 through the study of several different martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Krav maga. He got into serious weight training in his early twenties and has pursued a lifestyle combining proper nutrition, weight training and combat art for the last decade. He got his first Fitness Trainer certification in 2003 and continues to keep abreast of the best and newest strategies for keeping in shape. His no quit and positive mental attitude have blessed him with the opportunity to be featured in a ...

Sacramento, CA
Hi my name is Jordan Jones. Im 21 years old and excited about starting my career in the health and fitness industry. I have always loved being active and staying in shape. I played basketball and football as a child and continued playing basketball throughout high school. I love helping others and want to take advantage of every opportunity I have to help others change their lives.

New Orleans, LA