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Bonney Lake, WA
I have been extremely active almost my entire life. At the early age of 8 I started taking ballet classes and from then on, my passion for health and wellness grew out of control. Within no time, I started taking classes 6 days a week and studied all forms of dance. I decided to focus mainly on ballet because I was awarded a scholarship to be in the elite performing group at Tacoma City Ballet. After a back injury I was forced to choose a new path. In 2006 I became an NFL cheerleader for the ...

Clackamas, OR

Arlington, VA

Newnan, GA
I am a certified personal trainer covering Atlanta and the surrounding counties. With an extensive educational background in exercise and fitness, I hold a Master of Science in Health and Exercise Science with a Concentration in Exercise Physiology.

As a Personal Trainer for 18 years as well as working for various health and fitness spas has enabled me to spread my wings and start my own personal training service. In the last year I have authored and published three books pertaining to exercise, fitness and weight management. I am certified as a personal trainer and an instructor ...

Wesley Chapel , FL
With over 25 years of experience in the fitness field, Phil Clahar has an extensive and varied background. Mr. Clahar has studied martial arts, free-style wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu under Rob Kahn of Gracie Gym in Tampa, FL and has competed internationally in bodybuilding. In the bodybuilding arena, Phil holds many illustrious titles including Mr. Florida 2008, Mr. Jamaica 2009 and First Place as a super heavy weight in the 2009 Central American and Caribbean Championships. Whether you need to prepare for a bodybuilding competition or just to shed a few pounds, Phil's passion to teach and train people at ...

Thousand Oaks, CA
Retired from law enforcement, I have been a personal trainer and life coach for 13-years. I formerly competed in fitness competition. Having undergone multiple neck and back surgeries, I am specialized in rehabilitative fitness therapy and adaptive fitness. All my clients achieve success when they committ to following my training program. I have a passion for working with middle-age adults who struggle with the mid-life changes.

Lexington, KY
Come enjoy a great facility with lots of group fitness classes!

Tacoma, WA
Jeff cannot remember a time in his life when he wasn't involved in sports and fitness. He played football and baseball at the collegiate level and finished his football career at the University of Puget Sound where he also studied exercise science and sociology. After graduating from UPS, Jeff entered the personal training field, specializing in sport-specific training, strength training, and bodybuilding/physique training. Jeff is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys teaching fitness classes.

Springfield, OR
Throughout the majority of my young life, i had lived incredibly unhealthy due to a variety of circumstances. At my peak weight i was aproximately 250lbs of mostly bodyfat while only standing at 5'10". as i got older i began learning about the human body and the effects of exercise and nutrition can effect it. over time i learned more and more until i was hooked into the lifestyle.
I have a background in multiple sports ranging from football, Motocross, Mixed Martial Arts and various others. Im currently not training for any event or competition but i always have ...

eugene, OR
Im a natural bodybuilder, also train bikini girls and models for photo shoot.... two girls away from getting my team together. I am also working out of golds gym with other clients. With some of my other clients I have to work around degenerative backs, ripped tendons and other specialty parts in myclients. i am still very young at just 19. this is my passion and my life. i eat breath sleep nutrition and work outs.

Springfield, OR
Always been a fitness freak. Going to continue my education in the classroom and in the gym to help people make a difference in their lives

Modesto, CA
I am a personal trainer that helps my clients reach their fitness goals. I cross train to keep the body changing and to keep my client from getting bored. Work outs may include boxing, Bosu ball, stability ball, resistance bands, step, Zumba, TRX, yoga and of course weights.

Brighton and Pinckney, MI
53 years of bodybuilding and know all the best ways to get the best results quickly!

Santa Clara, CA
Greg Schneider has worked in numerous capacities as a personal trainer and tactical operations specialist. Greg has worked in Israel, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area designing and instructing fitness programs for private clients as well as emergency first responders. In addition to his accomplishments in fitness, Greg is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces and various law enforcement and security units.

Greg competed at the Division I level in Water Polo for GWU and is an avid practitioner of Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense).

Scottsdale, AZ, AZ
I am a NPC Bodybuilder. I specialize in fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitors but I work with all types of clients.