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Portland, OR
Schooling and experience in Exercise and Sport Science and Physical Therapy. Enjoys seeing people reach their goals and improve their overall fitness without injury. Gait analysis for proper shoe fit. Knowledge and experience in most sports. Coached and performed at a collegiate level in water polo and swimming.

Denver, CO
Bill Ross is a member of Men’s Health Fitness Council. A certified NASM Master Trainer and a Life Coach. Bill knows what it means to train for achievable results. He specializes in getting results by overcoming the obstacles YOU have developed over the years. He uses his knowledge of fitness and holistic living to design custom plans with achievable results every time. He has been helping clients exceed their goals for 25 plus year’s.

Orlando Florida, FL
Personal Training without limits.One on One training or small group classes

Home sessions available within demographic boundry.

wilmington, NC
I am a sophmore biology major at UNC wilmington. I just got my certification over the summer and will begin training clients once i get personal liability insurance.

, CA

eugene, OR
My name is Anthony Burgess. I have a burning desire to help you achieve your fulfillment, and fitness and health potential. I work with all walks of life, athletes, beginners, youth and elder, and everyone in between. I appreciate people. Through health and fitness we can together make a way to revamp and remold your life, and create happiness and health.

Eager to produce world class results to fit the needs of those who are seeking to prevent diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis as well as increase cardio-respiratory health, strength and athletic ability. Art Correa seeks to help every member meet their goals, and to create an atmosphere that will educate and assist members on becoming healthier, more competitive and passionate about their lives.

The Bod-e² Shop was created by a vision and this vision was to combine health and fitness within an environment that was completely positive. Art Correa also known as "The Shark" is a personal trainer/Owner of The Bod-e² Shop ...

Sandy Springs , GA
Professional MMA Fighter. Kickboxing/Muay Thai Instructor and Personal Trainer

Oakley, CA
I am a wife and mother of two. I have always had a passion for fitness. It wasn't until after I had my second child that I had the motivation to get certified. I train people of all types, woman who want to get their pre-baby body back, men who would like to put on more muscle and folks who would just like to lose weight and be in better shape.

Aurora, CO
After a very successful experience in weight loss through exercise and better eating habits, I knew my true calling was to help others with their fitness goals and to have them experience that same great feeling of achievement. After becoming certified as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through The American Council on Exercise (ACE) I began my own business of training individuals and teaching Kickboxing classes. I studied with physical therapists and learned proper training techniques for injured people and helped with rehabilitation. I am a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and self-defense coach. ...

San Francisco, CA
Now 43 Chris has been passionate about fitness for over a quarter century. Chris obtained his first personal trainer certification at 18 which helped him succeed as a member of the ADFPA (American Drug Free Power-lifting Association) and the Drug Free ANBF (All Natural Bodybuilding Federation) as well as obtaining black belts in the martial arts Kenpo, Judo and Jiu Jitsu.
After Chris' initial ACE certification which he used as a knowledge builder, Chris developed a passion for helping normal everyday people accomplish their fitness goals. Chris obtained his current certifications (NASM & IFPA) in 1999 and has been personal training ...

Hillsboro, OR
Amy Ramage,30, is a wife and mother. She has two daughters, Raegan 2 ½ & Reese 1. She successfully lost her “baby weight” and competed in her first body building show “bikini division” when Reese was just 9 months old, training with a part-time job and caring for her household. Amy understands lifestyle challenges and knows how to make achieving goals possible no matter what the current life challenges are. Amy is passionate about helping you create, achieve, and reach beyond your goals no matter how busy your lifestyle. When you invest time in keeping ...

Springfield, OR
Finished a two year AAS Degree in Exercise and Movement at Lane Community College, 2011. I work mainly with Seniors in full range of movement exercises and fitness. I have a large amount of knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition.

Redwood City, CA
My name is Joey Nava, and unlike most trainers I've actually started as a client. I had a serious problem with being over weight and trying all the fad diets didnt seem to work for me,finally when the Dr said Joey we need to do something fast and i mean fast thats when I then looked to the help of a personal trainer. We set goals and plan of attacks were in place. We started working right away and before you know it lbs started to come off. From being 224 lbs to being a cool 190 currently ...

livermore, CA