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Minneapolis, MN
Zack Rourk, Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has a B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science and is ACSM Certified. His Training business is called Endgame Fitness “What’s Your Endgame?”.

Sunrise, FL

Celebration, FL
I am an outgoing, knowledgeable, and very positive fitness trainer that is very excited to get people fit and healthy as possible! Besides weight loss and toning up the body I also specialize in: Corrective Exercise, Body building, Power lifting, Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning. I hope I get the pleasure to help you reach your goals and change your life for the better!

West Babylon, NY

Aurora, CO
I do CrossFit training at Buckley CrossFit where we teach functional movement at high intensities. I also do speed and agility training at Highlands Ranch House of Speed where we teach athletes the proper way to run and move to improve their speed, agility, strength, and overall ability.

Pembroke Pines, FL
I am a very energetic individual who loves to help people achieve their fitness goal have been training for 4 years specialise in athletic and functional training. I also have experience in cardiac rehabilitation.

Braselton, GA
3 time Ironman

Ogden, UT
I am a Professional Figure Competitor and personal trainer. I started competing in 2009 and received my Pro card in my 3rd show.
I help a wide range of people from every day people wanting to get in better shape, to extreme athletes that want to continue to excel. My sessions are an hour long, I write a meal plan for all of my clients and have them keep a food diary that we go over weekly. I also help my clients set realistic goals, and take their measurements and pictures every 6 weeks.
I ...

Charleston, SC
Weightlifting - 9 years

Crossfit - 3 years

Bend, OR
I have been a Personal Trainer since January 2005. Previous to this I was a student at Southern Oregon University and a seasonal wild land firefighter for 10 seasons with the U.S. Forest Service on the Winema National Forest. After graduating in March of 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Physical Education (concentration in athletic training) I was married to my wonderful wife, Danielle, in June. Shortly after fire season ended in November 2004 we moved to Beaverton and I found a job at 24 Hour Fitness and my Personal Training Career had ...

Miami/Broward, FL

Mount Pleasant, SC
At age 21 I was 290 lbs. In short, I was fed up with where I was in life and something had to change. I took all this mislead advise of no carbs, eat very little, and do a bunch of cardio and came up with a routine to help me loose weight. By eating 4 egg whites, 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, lettuce and red wine vinegar for lunch and dinner, as well as 2 hours of cardio everyday, I lost 115lbs in 5 1/2 Months. Decided I wanted to help people do the ...

Mt Pleasant, SC
I'm certified by The International Sports Sciences Association as a Certified Fitness Trainer. This certification is the most prestigious in the industry and it qualifies me to work with virtually anyone wishing to improve their fitness. I have been a trainer for one year, and have experience with nearly all forms of exercise but most of my clients say that my greatest asset is my ability to motivate.

Mt Pleasant, SC

About Kelsey L. Crook, with N10CT Fitness:

With football & track endeavors in collegiate and professional sports, lead Kelsey to pursue a professional career in Personal Fitness Training. Kelsey has been affiliated with sports fitness and training for many years. His passion for fitness has lead him to launch N10CT Fitness. N10CT Fitness is his gift to those seeking overall physical fitness wellness and to feed that competitive spirit within. N10CT Fitness lives by its mission statement, “Who you are and what you want to become fuels your desire to sacrifice in training.” Be a part of the team and ...