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Longmont, CO
I am a certified Hip Hop Hustle instructor. I am originally from Washington State and moved to Longmont almost 2 years ago. I have 12 years of ballet training, 7 years of jazz, and was a cheerleading coach for 4 years. I am very excited to teach Hip Hop Hustle and love the class because it is easy to follow and proves that anyone can learn to dance. Other than dance, I have a M.S.Degree in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Biology.

Hayward, CA
Top 10 MaxFormation Finalist in 2010. I've run a full marathon and several half marathons.


Columbia , SC
I am a trainer that has a variety of backgrounds whether it be sports or just in the gym training i love to work with anyone to help them reach there goal

Eugene, OR

Las Vegas, NV
I have had the opportunity to work with all health and fitness levels, youth as young as four years and as mature as seventy-five, some with medical issues ranging from but not limited to sports injuries, heart and cholesterol problems, osteoporosis, Spina Bifida and anorexia. I have also worked with sports specific clients (i.e. marathoners, Triathletes, bikers, swimmers, etc), and those who want to be healthy, need to lose weight, or tone up.

Opportunity to work with a man who started his journey with me at over 400 pounds, when his doctor was telling him he had six months to ...

towson, MD
I own a crossfit style of training gym

Madras, OR
Hi. My name is Carlos Barboza, I have taken personal training to a whole new level. I have helped many people succeed in eliminating fat, build muscle, and live a healthier life. Not only do I train you physically , but mentally as well. I have a lot of faith and never give up, and I'm very motivated to keep you positive and to help you reach your goals.

woodbridge, VA

Omaha, NE
Laura Binetti understands the Fitness Industry from many perspectives. Her formal education couples with her experience, expertise and excitement is what makes Laura one of the best and well-known Fitness Trainers.

Laura began her career as a long distance runner. She
started weight training in 1986 to help gain strength and
endurance. In addition to the great results she was
getting, she found a passion for weight training.

Laura competed as an amateur in bodybuilding from
1987-1990, winning the Provincial and Canadian
Championships. Her professional bodybuilding career
led her to three pro champs in three different
countries. Laura Binetti is the only Canadian female to
have won the World Championship ...

Clifton, CO
Competitive Bodybuilding history. Vast knowledge in nutrition and muscle building techniques. If your looking to build muscle or tone down feel free to contact me

McFarland , CA
I am 20 years old and I have been training for about four years now. It is my passion to help people achieve their fitness goals! I am an ISSA Certified Trainer and looking to further my education by getting my Master Trainers Certification. This includes courses like sports conditioning, fitness nutrition, exercise in youth and seniors.

firestone, CO
My name is Carla Mathers and I have always loved and had a passion for fitness. I love to workout, hike, play sports and to just keep active. I grew up in New Mexico but my family has a cabin near Telluride, so I spent a lot of time in Colorado as a child. I moved here for college and cant ever imagine leaving. Colorado will always be 'home'. It is easy to be fit and healthy in this beautiful state. I am married with 2 kids, a son who is 8 and a daughter that is 6. I have ...

Falls Church, VA
Training Director ,
Strength and Conditioning Coach 13 Years of training high level athletes. Functional movements and progressions

Portland, OR