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Lilburn, GA
A.E.P., created by Brad Lester , is a product of a Gwinnett County athlete that sets the standard for athletic training in the state of Georgia. Lester attended Parkview High School in Lilburn,
GA winning three State Championships. He rushed for 2,090 yards and 27 touchdowns as a senior after a junior campaign that saw him rush for 1,630 yards and 15 touchdowns. Shortly after his junior year, Lester committed to play football for Auburn University. While at Auburn, Lester was a 3 year starter and had many accomplishments. During his time at Auburn he really had a passion for training, ...

Littleton, CO
Shawn grew up in Littleton, CO and Joined the Military right after graduating high school. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was honorably discharged from the Army in 2010. During his time in the Army, he played rugby for the All Army Europe club, as well as playing for a couple of local clubs in Germany. After Shawn got out of the Army, he played Semi-professional rugby for almost two years before finally hanging up his jersey and boots for good in June 2012. Shawn loves setting goals because he believes your body is like a car, if you ...

, MN
I have over 20 years in the fitness industry including Management positions.
Specialize in Sport specific training
Exercise for the fitness novice
core strengthing and stability. Have owned my own training business since 1996

Cedar, MN
Once weighed in at over 300 pounds, decided I needed to live a healthier lifestyle.Lost over 80 pounds so far.And now I want to help do the same !!

Lawrenceville, GA
I have always been into fitness since I was young. I participated in Basketball and Track and Field in my younger years. I ran the 100m, 200m and 200m relay races and loved everything about running and still do.

After going to college I continued to stay active, just not as active as I had been as a teen and it seemed to slow down even more as a young adult. I moved from California to Georgia in 2001 and put all my time and energy into work and my son. I was a single mother ...

Lawrenceville, GA
Owner and founder of MIH Performance Training, Dusty DeStefano, has been training athletes and fitness clients for over 20 years. MIH Performance Training is here, because no matter how motivated you are doesn't always guarantee success. We theorized if we treat all our clients like professional athletes, we could get them to their goals in record time. We offer one-on-one, small groups, and team training programs plus the essential encouragement and motivation to get maximum results.

Duluth, GA
After interning under renowned sports performance coach Chip Smith at Competitive Edge Sports, Pete adapted Chip's M.O.R.R. training system to cater specifically to the sport of Ultimate. Pete is now the founder and director of EDGE Ultimate, the most advanced sports performance company involved with competitive Ultimate.

EDGE Ultimate is the official training program of the University of Kentucky Ultimate team, Breaker's Mark, the Bluegrass Revolution of the AUDL, Chain Lightning, and Ozone. After training with EDGE in 2012, signature clients Chain Lightning and Ozone both qualified for the USAU Pro Flight division for 2013. EDGE Ultimate is ...

Lilburn, GA
I have been a member of the fitness industry for 10 years now. In my teens, I was very slim, but I was as strong as an ox. I grew up in South Carolina. That meant that if I wasn't chopping down tree's for wood, I was doing some sort of strenuous work. As a teen this is where I developed somewhat of an physique. Genetics played a big part of course. However, as I got older my body morphed as well. My physique became athletic as I ventured into sports. Finally when I became and adult I was at ...

Workout, CA

Reno , NV
I have been a personal trainer for 12 years and counting. I believe you can accomplish goals you set for yourself without limits if you do not allow yourself to place limits on what you believe you are capable of.I have trained for most of my life and my knowledge continues to grow "the only limits you have are the ones that you place on yourself". I have lived and trained with this philosophy and its served me well. I have done Bodybuilding shows and continue to compete with myself ,my peers and the world everyday I'm alive. I have ...

Woodbridge , VA
All-American Defensive End at Bowie State University

NFL Career: San Diego Chargers, San Fransico 49ers, Oakland Raiders

Working with LA Fitness International for 6 years

Changing lifestyles for 18 years: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Hillsboro, OR
I was once a trainer and strength coach with the potential for a professional boxing career before getting married and starting a family. I then chose to leave that all behind to obtain a masters degree in administration and began sitting behind a desk.

With all the rigors of life my fitness and diet got the best of me and I gained over 100lbs. Unfortunate a divorce made me reflect on my past and the path I took. I then made a promise to myself to start over. I began loosing weight and after about 60lbs I quite my administration job ...

Pineville, NC
I'm a very energetic, reliable and understanding trainer in what the client needs and especially in what they are looking for as far as Fitness and Nutrition!. I'm certified thru ISSA also have a FITNESS & NUTRITION DIPLOMA. The way it all started off for me in becoming a trainer it was when i was in my teens i was diagnose with Diabetes i was constantly losing weight and losing the little muscle i had as well. Two years later i was introduced to weight lifting from a friend, after that day i kept on training and he stopped ...

Bristow, VA
In March 2004 he weighed 310 Pounds. You may say thats not that big but at 6 Foot 2 Inches it actually is. People told him that he doesnt look that big but he knew he was. He began running and biking every day. When he first began he couldnt even go 1/4 of a mile without feeling like he was gonna pass out. So he began running little by little each day. Increasing his stamina and working on time not speed. In addition to that he joined Fitness First gym and dedicated to workout 3 times a way.

While ...

Denver, CO
For Personal Trainer Chris Williamson, helping someone transform their body and reach their goals is what his job is all about, “I want to be a part of making someone’s life better.”
Williamson, who owns The Gym on South Broadway, specializes in transformations and has amazing knowledge of how to really shape a woman’s curves. The ‘Mommy Makeover’ is one of his most popular programs. Honing in on the often ignored group, Williamson offers support and encouragement to the mom on-the-go. For the last two years, he has been the ‘9NEWS Bikini Body After Baby’ trainer. With his guidance, some ...