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Noelle Rockwell

I fought my genetics for YEARS. I grew up overweight, struggled with obesity since puberty hit. I wanted So badly to be small.. Like those Bikini girls and athletic girls... I starved and hated myself for being unable to get "smaller" which I attributed to being attractive.. Over the years I have embraced my genetics and the fact that if God my creator wanted me to look any other way, he would've made me that way.

I have battled "metabolic damage", which is a term that is used to describe hormonal dysfunction brought on by stress to the adrenals, thyroid and metabolic pathways. This imbalance impairs the body's ability to regulate energy on a cellular level. This impairment throws off the body's thermogenic balance and hormones that are dependent on the pituitary and thyroid (Most of them) become imbalanced as well.

Metabolic damage was my wake up call. I have been through pituitary damage, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism, cervical cancer, as well as menopause (3 times by age 30), and hormone replacement therapy several times before the age of 25 years old. My weight has been as low as 140 (LEAN) and as high as 245+ My struggles with fitness became my passion, where I now work with women and men all over the US and abroad that suffer with hormone displacement. These individuals have hit witts-end on HOW to get not only in shape, but find balance to live a healthy, and happy Life.

Embrace the journey.. Embrace your evolution and transformation. only 5% of the population have what it takes to push through and be the best at whatever it is that they want.. My health issues and adversity over the years became my motivation. What is yours?

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State TX
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Certifications National Academy of Sports Medicine- CPT
International Sports science Association - CFT; ISSA- Specialist in sports nutrition
Specialist in hormone displacement
Bodybuilding (Competition Nutrition)
Metabolic reprogramming
Diabetic nutrition
Youth hormones & Nutrition
Pre/Post menopausal Nutrition
Pre/Post Natal Nutrition
Corrective exercise therapy
Sports Performance Training