As A Personal Trainer You Know The Importance Of Nutrition To Help Your Customers Get The Best Results. You Also Know That A Better Customer Result Means Better Retention And More Referrals For Your Business.

Max Muscle is committed to helping you succeed as a Personal Trainer.
As a Max Muscle Preferred Trainer you will receive the following from MMSN :

  • 10% discount on every purchase for your customers
  • 10% of every one of your customers purchases accrued for you to redeem as free product for personal use or for your customers
  • A free 1 hour in-depth nutritional consultation with your customer. Documents from that consultation will be provided to you for your reference
  • A courtesy phone call to you from a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist to discuss your customers goals to ensure that we all agree on the best course of action to get your customer the best results
  • Inclusion in our Max Muscle preferred trainer directory that will be marketed to more than one million (and growing) Max Muscle customers on a monthly basis

Other benefits of working with MMSN include:

  • Max Muscle offers a Quality Ingredients Guarantee (QIG) stating that they meet or exceed all manufacturing standards laid down by the FDA.
  • SAFETY for your customer
  • All products are made in the USA
  • Staying Power – Max Muscle has been around for 19 years and is well recognized as one of the highest quality providers in the industry

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